About this blog…

I love to read cookbooks, food magazines, and food blogs.  The binder I started many moons ago is overflowing with recipes I’ve made and marked for “re-cooking,” modified and made again, and new recipes that I’m dying to try.  I thought a blog would be a great way for me to share my recipes with friends and family and keep them accessible for myself!

I like to play with my camera.  I don’t claim to be a photographer.  It’s just something I enjoy.   Plus, my girls get tired of me following them around taking their pictures.  Food doesn’t move.  It doesn't talk back.  I can make it do exactly what I want. 

About Mary…

·      I love to cook and, more importantly, eat.  Baking, however, is not my forte. 
·      I love a good cupcake, but can’t for the life of me make mine anywhere close to pretty-looking. (see above)
·      Everything tastes better with a little extra garlic (well, almost everything). 
·      Spicy foods make my mouth water.
·       I have a Type-A personality with everything in my life except closets.  I don’t care if they’re messy.  There, I said it.  
·      I was once a picky eater and ate only PB&Js and grits.
·      I’m a mom to three non-picky eaters.   They will try anything once.  I’m not saying they are begging for things like Seared Scallops with Lemon-Fennel Dressing or Coq au Vin.  But they do like a variety of dishes. 
·      I’m a wife to a non-picky eater (with the exception of mushrooms and olives).  I’ve tried disguising these things in sauces and soups, but no matter how small, he will find them and graciously set them aside without complaint. 
·      I love soups, pasta, breads, cheese, and mushrooms (obviously, there are mushroom issues in our house; see above)
·      Please don’t ever ask me to eat hotdogs (gross), oysters, clams, muscles, or raw fish.  I love every kind of cooked sushi I’ve ever eaten.  Just can’t stomach the raw stuff.   


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